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of St. Louis County, Missouri


Keeping Promises that Build a Safer St. Louis

See how data-driven policies are increasing public safety and restoring justice in St. Louis County

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We Promised To:

  • END MASS INCARCERATION BY: Reforming Cash Bail + Stop Over-Charging Cases + Stop Criminalizing Poverty, Addiction & Mental Health

  • TARGET CRIME THAT MATTERS MOST BY: Expanding Victim Services + Directing More Resources to Serious & Violent Crime + Stop Prosecuting Low-Level Possession

  • ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY TO BUILD TRUST THROUGH TRANSPARENCY BY: Changing the culture of prosecution + Requiring Independent Review of Police Misconduct + Fostering Community Policing Initiatives

See How We’re Keeping Our Promises 7 Months after taking office:

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Wesley Bell Democrat for Saint Louis County Prosecutor

Meet Wesley

Councilman Wesley Bell is an Attorney, Educator and Advocate dedicated to serving the community and criminal justice reform. As the son of a police officer Wesley always knew that he would serve his community by practicing law.


Wesley's endorsements

Elected Officials

Stacey Newman / State Rep District 87

Bruce Franks / State Rep District 78

Jamilah Nasheed / State Senator District 5

Sharon Pace / Former State Representative District 74

Hazel Erby / County Councilwoman District 1

Rochelle Walton-Gray /  County Councilwoman District  2

Hadley Township

Lafayette and Queeny Townships

University Township

Do you know how much power prosecutors have over our justice system?


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Fixing a Broken Prosecutors Office

The culture of the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's office must change. Restoring trust in our criminal justice system is fundamental to building a safer St. Louis County. For far too long, the Prosecutor's office has been driven by a win-at-any-cost attitude that prioritizes high conviction rates and harsh sentencing over more effective approaches that have been proven to reduce crime. As Prosecuting Attorney, Wesley will ensure the office focuses on serious crime, obtains justice for victims, and devotes adequate resources to treating addiction and mental health, ending mass incarceration.

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