Citizen Endorsement Wesley Bell

Why do YOU Support Wesley Bell?

Join the #WeAreWithWesley campaign on social media.

1 >>>> Record a video of yourself endorsing Wesley. Please use the exact opening lines below and then tell us about your personal reasons for supporting Wesley. If you have a Wesley flyer, sign or shirt, display it!

2 >>>> Post the video using the # & @ listed below to your personal account.

3 >>>> Share it with your friends and encourage them to do the same!

4 >>>> Even if you're not a StL County voter, you can still endorse Wesley!


"I’m [First Name] [Last Name] and I endorse Wesley Bell for St. Louis County Prosecutor. I’m voting on August 7th for a Safer St. Louis. I’m endorsing Wesley because..." (list your reason or reasons)


Make it tight and practiced. Feel free to keep it really short. A 30 second video is great, but if you need 10 minutes to communicate why voting for Wesley is personally important, take it! We will use clips from these videos to make a compilation video, and in order for that to work well, we’d like everyone to say the same thing at the beginning.

< HOW TO TAG # @ >

@Bell4STL #WeAreWithWesley #RingTheBellAugust7

@WesleyBell_for_StLProsecutor #WeAreWithWesley #RingTheBellAugust7

@FriendsOfWesleyBell @WesleyBell #WeAreWithWesley #RingTheBellAugust7

Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT of Wesley! We couldn’t do this without you!