Wesley’s commitment to a justice system that works for all residents of St. Louis County has been reported locally and nationally.

City Council Races Offer Change in Ferguson After Months of Upheaval

New York Times

FERGUSON, Mo. — They gathered under the fluorescent lights of the First Baptist Church here one night last week to lay out visions for their battered town, four aspiring politicians, two white and two black, debating the daunting challenges of rebuilding Ferguson.

Wesley J.C. Bell, assistant professor of criminal justice at STLCC, revealing student potential

St Louis American

Serving on several boards, including the Ferguson Youth Initiative, Bell believes “strong communities are safe communities.” And with this in mind, the Mound City Bar Association member formed the See Justice Club to motivate young people to become more involved in their own neighborhoods.  Bell also wants young people to take more control over the course of their lives, citing his motto by Winston Churchill, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

Ferguson's new council members take their oaths — and face tough challenges

St. Louis Public Radio

“It’s about creating partnerships,” Bell said. “And it’s about changing the mindset of how an officer perceives their job. They’re not just crime fighters. But part of their job — and it has to start from the top down — is getting out to know people.”

“It may not be perfect, but it’s a start, and it’s something to build on,” said Bell, who last week issued an order canceling more than 5,000 warrants in Velda City, as well as all of the city’s failure-to-appear charges. For the next month, people will be able to select a court date during the day or night in which they can address their underlying ticket.

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